Elder Law & Estate Planning Brochures

Vanarelli & Li, LLC is pleased to provide the following brochures in PDF format.

  • Elder Law & Estate Planning Brochure

    Elder law is the legal practice of representing older and disabled persons and their representatives in various matters. It includes estate planning and administration; trust creation and administration; financing long-term medical care; nursing home issues; qualifying for Medicare, Medicaid and other public benefits; probate; retirement benefit disputes; estate litigation; and guardianships.

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  • Guardianship & Fiduciary Services Brochure

    Injury or illness, whether it comes on suddenly or over a long period of time, can impair a person’s ability to manage his or her own life. If a loved one has become incapacitated, you may need to seek guardianship in order to manage his or her affairs. In some situations, a guardianship may be needed when no power of attorney was ever signed, or when the power of attorney is limited and prevents you from attaining your goals for your loved one.

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  • Estate Planning & Administration Brochure

    Donald D. Vanarelli is the recipient of the Marilyn Askin Lifetime Achievement Award from the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Elder and Disability Law Section. As an experienced trust and estate attorney, Mr. Vanarelli will address your comprehensive estate planning goals, no matter what the size of your estate may be. Your goals may include minimizing your taxable estate and developing testamentary trusts for the benefit of minors and disabled loved ones.

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  • Disability Law Services Brochure

    Members of the disabled community often rely on public benefits, such as Medicaid, Social Security Disability/SSI benefits, and Section 8 or subsidized housing benefits, for their daily needs. Older adults and those with permanent disabilities may require years of care; and for many parents, adult children, and concerned loved ones, advance planning may be critical.

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  • Will Contests & Probate Litigation Brochure

    After an individual’s death, litigation regarding the decedent’s estate can arise in a variety of contexts. A family member might feel that the decedent’s Last Will and Testament is different from what the decedent had intended to do with his or her estate. The family member might believe that the total amount of the decedent’s estate is much smaller than it should be, and is concerned that the estate was improperly depleted, either prior to or following the decedent’s death. Perhaps you are considering instituting estate litigation, or you are the executor or beneficiary of an estate and are facing being sued by a “disappointed heir.”

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  • Special Needs Trusts Brochure

    Parents of a disabled child wish to ensure that appropriate care is available over the course of their child’s lifetime, even when they are no longer able to provide care for their disabled child themselves. If you or a loved one receiving public benefits based upon financial need such as Medicaid, SSI, supportive housing or other services from New Jersey receives an inheritance or personal injury settlement or award, planning with a knowledgeable legal professional and others is required to prevent the loss of the critical public benefits.

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  • Divorce Mediation Brochure

    Divorce MediationDivorce Mediation is an alternative to fighting in court with your spouse through attorneys. Instead of court, you and your spouse meet together in a private and confidential environment, with New Jersey and New York attorney-mediator Donald D. Vanarelli, who serves as your neutral and impartial mediation professional.

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  • Mediation Services Brochure

    Mediation ServicesVanarelli & Li, LLC provides mediation services in probate matters, guardianship disputes, will contests and other elder law and estate matters, including lawsuits. Mr. Vanarelli is a Certified Elder Law Attorney. In addition, he is certified as a National Certified Guardian and as a Guardian and Court Evaluator in New York State. Importantly, Mr. Vanarelli is approved by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a mediator in probate, general equity, family disputes and other civil lawsuits. He has also received advanced training in mediation techniques from the NJ Institute for Dispute Resolution.

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