Real Estate Closings


The purchase of a home is often the most significant financial investment made by a person in his or her lifetime. A home purchase is also likely to be the first time a buyer voluntarily seeks legal representation to protect the buyer’s interests during the course of the transaction. A real estate transaction also involves a myriad of professionals, including attorneys, real estate brokers, title insurance companies, banks and mortgage lenders, home inspectors and others. As a result, the purchase of a home is often a stressful experience for the buyers and sellers involved in the transaction. Given these factors, it is important that the attorney representing either the seller or the purchaser of a residential dwelling have all of the necessary facts, including information about the seller, the buyer, the property and the transaction itself. The questionnaire below elicits all of the information necessary to conduct a successful real estate closing.

Real Estate Questionnaire – Client Questionnaire for the Purchase / Sale of Real Estate