Dispute Resolution Services: Elder Mediation, Collaborative Law, Divorce Mediation Attorney

Dispute Resolution Services: Elder Mediation, Collaborative Law, Divorce Mediation Attorney

Vanarelli & Li, LLC offers alternatives to litigating family conflicts through the use of Mediation and Collaborative Law. We specialize in resolving conflicts involving seniors or individuals with disabilities through the practice of Elder Mediation. In resolving issues that confront divorcing couples, we offer Divorce Mediation. In addition, we offer Collaborative Law services for both elder and divorce issues. To learn more about these services, click on the following topics:

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party, called a mediator, facilitates communication between parties in conflict. The mediator has no power to make decisions for the parties. Rather, the mediator’s goal is to assist and encourage disputing parties in reaching a voluntary, fully-informed and mutually-acceptable agreement. The mediator uses his or her skills and experience to establish a framework and process within which the parties can communicate. The mediator gets the parties talking, helps them explore differences, points out the strengths and weaknesses in each party’s case, asks questions and makes private recommendations about the underlying merits of each side’s case. Ultimately, the mediator may communicate settlement offers and counteroffers to each side at appropriate times. Attendance at a mediation may be voluntary or ordered by a court. However, the outcome is binding only if the parties reach a voluntary agreement.


Advantages of Mediation

Mediation provides a quick and relatively inexpensive way for contesting parties to settle their dispute or pending lawsuit. The alternative—litigation—can take an average of 1 to 3 years to reach trial. Typically, a high percentage of disputes can be resolved in mediation in what is a comparatively short time–weeks or months. Most importantly, the parties get to craft their own result—a settlement can occur only if each side accepts the result. In mediation, the parties negotiate the settlement themselves and know what the result will be, eliminating the risk of a jury or other decision-maker randomly and haphazardly deciding the case. Thus, both parties benefit in mediation.

Why Choose Vanarelli & Li, LLC to Mediate Your Dispute?

Qualifications! Parties choosing a mediator to handle the attempted resolution of an important dispute should look for a professional who is neutral, who is experienced in negotiation and mediation, and who knows the substantive law involved in the area of dispute. Donald D. Vanarelli has the background, experience and legal knowledge necessary to be an effective mediator in elder law and estate matters, as well as family law cases. Mr. Vanarelli is board-certified as an elder law attorney, and has years of experience. Mr. Vanarelli is also an Accredited Professional Mediator, a designation awarded to mediators with enhanced training and experience.

At Vanarelli & Li, LLC, we are committed to helping parties achieve a satisfactory resolution of their dispute.

Additional Information

Vanarelli Is Guest On Internet Radio Show!

Donald Vanarelli was recently a guest on “Focus on Seniors”, a new internet radio talk show airing on the WS Radio (WSRadio.com) network. The 60 minute-talk show deals with the caring and health of seniors and features two experts per show in the field of aging. In a 30 minute segment, Mr. Vanarelli was interviewed about the topic of Elder Mediation. “Focus on Seniors” airs every other Tuesday at 5:00PM EST.
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