Divorce Mediation: The Sensible, Affordable Alternative

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Divorce Mediation: The Sensible, Affordable Alternative

Divorce Mediation is an alternative to the usual method of obtaining a divorce: fighting in court with your spouse through attorneys. Instead of court, you and your spouse meet together in a private and confidential environment, with New Jersey and New York attorney-mediator Donald D. Vanarelli, Esq., who serves as your impartial mediation professional. As your family mediator, Don assists you and your spouse in negotiating and reaching agreement on the five issues of divorce: alimony, property distribution and, if there are children, custody, visitation and child support.

“My mediation experience has taught me that the divorcing couple, not attorneys, know what’s in their best interests. With a mediator’s help, the divorcing parties themselves are in the best position to negotiate an agreement that works best for each of them and sets the ground rules for the future.”

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

The mediator will help you to resolve all issues concerning your divorce through a process in which he/she will:

  • Identify the needs of each party and the children.
  • Help gather information, including the financial information necessary to make decisions about the division of assets and support issues.
  • Discuss what each party wants and help explore various alternative solutions to resolve the issues of custody, property division and support.
  • Assist you and your spouse in reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

  • Divorce Mediation Preserves Control:
    Mediation helps preserve a relationship with your spouse and reduces the strain on your children.
  • Mediation builds a base for future cooperation between the parties and teaches the parties how to resolve issues in a cooperative manner.
  • Divorce Mediation Promotes Parenting
    The cooperative approach of family and divorce mediation helps to focus on your children’s needs and to improve your parenting relationships.
  • Divorce Mediation Is Less Costly
    Mediated divorces usually cost between $3,000–$6,000. If you litigate your divorce, the cost could be significantly higher.
  • Divorce Mediation Is Much Quicker:
    Mediated divorces take considerably less time to resolve than litigated divorces. Typically, mediated divorces take 3-10 sessions over 1-4 months, rather than years, to resolve.
  • Divorce Mediation Is Highly Successful:
    The success rate for divorce mediation is high: 90% of separating clients who voluntarily come to mediation complete the process. Also, there are much fewer post-divorce court applications in mediated divorces.
  • Divorce Mediation Allows For More Creative Solutions:
    Face-to-face problem-solving allows for more detailed planning and more creative and satisfactory outcomes.
  • Divorce Mediation Is Confidential:
    All of your negotiations in family and divorce mediation are protected under New Jersey law as absolutely confidential.

Anyone with the desire to settle disputes reasonably and more efficiently can reach agreement in mediation. Mediation is effective even when conflict and anger is high, and communication has broken down.

Divorce Mediation Fees

Fees are moderate and based on an hourly schedule. You pay only for the actual time you use. We ask that the couple share in payment of the fees in a way that is appropriate to their situation, remembering that the mediator is working for both parties.

How to Proceed

Contact Vanarelli & Li, LLC to arrange for a mutually convenient appointment for you and your spouse to come in for a consultation. At that time, a detailed explanation of how we proceed is described, and a written outline provided. Both of you receive the same information, thereby assuring that each of you will be on equal footing from the outset.

Additional Information

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