Divorce and Family Law


Marriage is a unique institution, and a matrimonial lawsuit is a unique type of litigation, involving both a body of laws and a social status. Few have captured the dual nature of the marital relationship as well as the court in Patel v. Navitlal, 165 N.J. Super 402, 407 (Ch. Div. 1992) as follows:

Marriage is both a legal and social institution, contractual in nature, creating both rights and duties attaching to both parties. It creates status unique in the law subject to the control of the legislature.

While people involved in any lawsuit are in conflict, people in a matrimonial lawsuit are involved in an extremely personal conflict that goes to the core of a person’s beliefs and emotions. As a result, rapport between attorney and client is essential in a matrimonial lawsuit, and the development of rapport begins during the initial client interview. The client questionnaire annexed below elicits the information needed by the attorney to successfully represent a matrimonial client and bring the divorce case to a satisfactory conclusion.

The questionnaire is annexed here – Confidential Divorce Questionnaire