Social Security and SSI Disability Claims


Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are two programs available from the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) that play an important role in an elder law practice. SSD benefits are available to a blind or disabled worker who applies for benefits; has not reached full retirement age; has sufficient social security earnings to be deemed “insured” for disability; is disabled; and has been disabled for a 5-month waiting period. Similarly, SSI benefits are available to an aged (65 or older), blind or disabled individual who applies for SSI and all other benefits for which he/she may be entitled; is a U.S. resident or qualified alien; and who meets the income and resource requirements. SSD benefits are available only to those with sufficient earnings to be deemed “insured” for disability. SSI benefits are paid to blind or disabled persons based upon that person’s financial need; “insured” status is unnecessary. The following questionnaire elicits all necessary information. Clients should bring the completed form to the initial client interview.

The questionnaire is annexed here – Confidential Client Questionnaire for Social Security / SSI Disability Appeals