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Guardianship Allows You to Set Affairs in Order and Protect Your Loved One

Injury or illness, whether it comes on suddenly or gradually sets in over a long period of time, can impair a person’s ability to manage his or her own life. If your loved one has been incapacitated, you may need to seek guardianship in order to straighten things out.

In other situations, a guardianship may be needed when no power of attorney was ever signed, or when the power of attorney is limited and prevents you from attaining your goals for your loved one.

Guardianship lets you handle all the things that need to be done but can no longer be shouldered by your loved one. “Guardianship of the person” allows the appointee to arrange for the health and safety of the ward, while “guardianship of the estate” lets the appointee take on financial matters on behalf of the ward. You can either seek guardianship personally or delegate duties of guardianship to a trusted New Jersey law firm.

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