Guardianship Video Series


N.J. Guardianship Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide presented by Donald D. Vanarelli, Esq. as part of the New Jersey Elder Law College Series. This 5-part video series discusses critical NJ Guardianship topics including: 2016 Amendments to Court Rules; New Guardianship Forms; the Guardianship Monitoring Program; Certification of Assets, Physician, or Psychologist; Court-appointed Attorneys; Contested Guardianships; Guardian Ad Litem; and much more.

NJ Guardianship Law (Video 1 of 5)

Video 1 Topics:

  • September 1, 2016 Amendments to Court Rules
  • New Guardianship Forms
  • The Guardianship Monitoring Program
  • Initiating an Action for Guardianship
  • Order Fixing Guardianship Hearing
  • Verified Complaint

NJ Guardianship Law (Video 2 of 5)

Video 2 Topics:

  • Certification of Assets
  • Certification of Physician or Psychologist
  • Case Information Statement
  • Proposed Judgment
  • Timeline

NJ Guardianship Law (Video 3 of 5)

Video 3 Topics:

  • Court-appointed Attorney
  • After Guardianship Appointment
  • Other Duties of Guardian
  • Contested Guardianships
  • Appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem

NJ Guardianship Law (Video 4 of 5)

Video 4 Topics:

  • Guardian Ad Litem vs. Court-appointed Attorney
  • In re MR
  • R.P.C. 1.14
  • In re Mason, 305 N.J. Super. 120, 125 (Ch. Div. 1997)

NJ Guardianship Law (Video 5 of 5)

Video 5 Topics:

  • Q & A Session

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