Guardianships and Medicaid Planning Video Series

This 3-part video series discusses Guardianships and Medicaid Planning for New Jersey residents and features Donald D. Vanarelli, Esq.

Guardianships and Medicaid Planning (Video 1 of 3)

Video 1 Topics include:

  • Strategic transfer of assets
  • Prudent estate planning technique
  • Guardian fiduciary duty to incapacitated ward
  • Power of attorney and the need for guardianship
  • Power of attorney types
  • Power of attorney gifting permission
  • Power of attorney authority
  • Guardian gifting permission
  • Guardian and Medicaid planning requests
  • Guardian’s fiduciary duty
  • Guardianship status types
  • Guardian and the power to make a will
  • Guardian and public assistance planning
  • Guardian and estate planning

Guardianships and Medicaid Planning (Video 2 of 3)

Video 2 Topics include:

  • Case law framework for Medicaid planning
  • Marsh v. Scott
  • In re Trott
  • In re Keri
  • The guardianship application
  • The guardianship hearing
  • Certification of assets
  • The guardianship brief
  • Verified complaint requirements
  • Verified complaint requirements for Medicaid
  • Verified complaint and Trott factors
  • Verified complaint and AIP estate plan

Guardianships and Medicaid Planning (Video 3 of 3)

Video 3 Topics include:

  • Transfer of home to community spouse
  • Transfer of home to caregiver child
  • Transfer of home to disabled child
  • Transfer of home for fair market value
  • Transfer of liquid assets
  • Q and A

Additional Information

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