Launched by the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Law and Aging, Mind Your Loved Ones, known as MYLO, is a mobile app that gives individuals the ability to store their own and their loved one’s critical medical information, health care directives, and other related data on their Apple or Android phones, iPads or tablets.

With this app individuals can store on their smartphones their health care advance directives along with other key medical information– such as medications, physician contacts, insurance information, medical notes, and any other material important to them. Loved ones whom the individual chooses can carry the same information on their phones. They don’t have to hunt for the information in their files or sign on to a web page to get it. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be stored. Individuals and their loved ones will have immediate access to all the information if an event occurs when that information is needed. Users can view this information, and send this information directly to health care providers (e.g. their doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.), to their family members or trusted friends by email, fax, text, or print.

Whether away at college, in a retirement community or nursing home, traveling for work or leisure, MYLO has your information and documents, and those of your loved ones, accessible 24/7 with just a click.

MYLO can be used for the following purposes:

  • Users can create separate profiles for each loved one. Reports are automatically created and can be shared electronically.
  • Users will have the information to respond to difficult questions asked by ER staff and other healthcare professionals.
  • Healthcare proxies and other documents can be stored and shared via email, fax, text or printed.
  • Names, numbers, email addresses, and business cards of important contacts are at your fingertips
  • Event notes, Routine Appointment Checklist, Vital Signs, and Activities of Daily Living can be maintained and measured over time.
  • Insurance information, copies of cards (both sides) and insurance forms are conveniently saved.
  • Users can keep a list of prescriptions for themselves and their loved ones.
  • Information is stored locally on the user’s phone or tablet, and not in the cloud. MYLO has no access to the User’s personal information, other than the registered name and email address.
  • Users can use Dropbox to backup, restore and share profiles. Reports are automatically generated, allowing for easy review of information.

You can learn more and download the app here.

ABA members can download the app at the discounted price of $4.99. Non-members can download the app for $7.99.

The ABA Commission on Law and Aging works to protect vulnerable older adults in the community through advocacy, policy development and analysis, training, practice and research. The Commission launched the MYLO app, which is as important as ever as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the U.S. In addition, the Commission also recently launched a Coronavirus Update web page with resources, webinars, and “Advice and Experience from the Field,” a special section in which experts share how they’re doing business, and overcoming challenges, amid the coronavirus outbreak. Learn more here.

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