In their last voting session of the current session, New Jersey lawmakers passed legislation requiring palimony agreements to be put into writing if they are to be enforceable. The Assembly gave final approval to the new law, S-2091, by a vote of 51-19 vote, with opposition coming primarily from Democrats who argued that it would.. read more →

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently approved bipartisan-sponsored legislation that would require all palimony agreements to be in writing and signed in order to be enforceable. The bill, S-2091, amends N.J.S.A. 25:1-5, which already requires that prenuptial agreements be put into writing, to include palimony agreements. It adds a new paragraph “h” stating: “A promise by.. read more →

In a ruling that overturned close to 30 years of legal precedent in the area of family law as well as an appeals court decision that said there is no basis for a palimony suit unless a couple lived together, the New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that judges should consider the “entirety” of a.. read more →