Plaintiff Wilson Bermudez was a patient at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation’s West Facility for five weeks, during which his treatment included 24-hour rehabilitative nursing “to address complex medical, nursing, and rehabilitative needs.” When Bermudez later sued Kessler for injuries he allegedly sustained, he included claims under the New Jersey Nursing Home Responsibilities and Rights of.. read more →

To be eligible for Medicaid, applicants must meet two requirements: financial requirements and medical requirements. I’ve posted many articles on this blog over the years discussing the financial requirements of the Medicaid program in New Jersey, and offering various strategies to accelerate financial eligibility for the program. However, I have surprising few posts discussing Medicaid’s.. read more →

Hundreds of health care workers braved windswept rain outside the Statehouse recently to protest nearly $200 million in proposed cuts to hospitals and nursing homes. Many wore surgical masks that read, “These cuts make me sick.” Most of the hospital cuts proposed in Gov. Jon Corzine’s budget would come from money the state provides to.. read more →