As we age, the decrease in independence and concurrent increasing need for care which often occur can be a source of stress and conflict in many families. Adult children who must provide care to aging parents or who must make health care or financial decisions for dependent family members face tremendous challenges. Care-giving and decision-making.. read more →

With Americans living increasingly long lives, coping with the physical, emotional, cognitive and financial issues attendant to the aging process is a challenge faced by a growing number of elders and their loved ones. While elder law attorneys are well-equipped to navigate the legal aspects of the process, it is often helpful to turn to.. read more →

Each of us who have been forced to admit a loved one into a nursing home or care facility due to chronic long-term illness hopes and expects that he or she will receive good care there. But what does good long-term care look like? Would we recognize good care if we saw it? An interesting.. read more →

The September 25th edition of the New York Times contained an informative article on how geriatric care managers can help adult children face a challenge which often seems overwhelming, both emotionally and mentally, and is always stressful: the job of caring for an elderly parent. The Times article described the caring challenge as follows: There.. read more →