Nine years ago I wrote the very first blogpost for my website. Here’s my first post, from April 2008:

As my blog celebrates its ninth birthday, I’m reflecting on what the blog has meant to me. The task of writing regular postings has provided me with unanticipated benefits, forcing me to reflect on legal and related news that I otherwise might have quickly reviewed and forgotten. I have also come to rely on the blog as a historical source, providing me with insight into the development of issues in my area of practice that I otherwise might have overlooked. It’s also been fun to write about the many significant cases and legal developments in New Jersey and other states. There’s always a lot happening in the areas of elder law and special needs planning.

And as I write this very first blogpost of my tenth year, I thank my fellow elder law practitioners and others who have followed my blog, put up with my occasional rantings or failed attempts at humor, and otherwise supported me in this venture. I’m looking forward to sharing Year Ten with you!

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