Recently, I read an interesting article in the Washington Post about Dateability, a dating app designed for disabled and chronically ill people.

Dateability was launched this year, on October 21st. It carries the slogan “Making love accessible.” Some people with disabilities feel they are discriminated against by other users on dating platforms, and not seen as potential partners. The Dateability app was created in hopes of establishing a welcoming space for people to enter the dating pool without having to worry about constantly encountering attitudes and behavior which favors able-bodied people (AKA “ableist“ attitudes).

The creators of the Dateability app, Jacqueline Child and her sister Alexa Child, hope to change the future dating experiences of disabled and chronically ill people. Jacqueline has a connective-tissue disorder. As a result, she has found dating to be very difficult. For a long while, she didn’t want to share with people close to her how difficult she was finding dating. But she gradually came to believe honest conversations about the difficulties people with disabilities often find dating are needed. Thus, the sisters created and launched Dateability.

The sisters have created an Instagram page to offer updates about the app and have spent the past several weeks letting people know it’s coming. So far, they said, the reaction has been positive.

Only time will reveal how many people will be drawn to the new app. But no matter what happens, the creators of the app hope it will bring valuable discussions about accessibility and ableism when it comes to the dating scene and amplify those conversations that have already been happening.

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