First Full-Day Training in Estate and Elder Mediation Offered in New Jersey: "Keeping the Peace Through Elder Mediation"

Keeping the Peace Through Elder Mediation

Training Schedule

Registration and Breakfast

1. Introduction (Donald Vanarelli)

  • Elder Mediation in New Jersey
  • NJAPM Special Interest Section
  • Goals of Training Session
  • Housekeeping items

2. “Setting the Stage” (Theater Group/Gabrielle Strich/Benni Versaci)

3. What is Elder Mediation? (Donald Vanarelli)

  • Goals of Elder Mediation
  • Overview of Presenting Issues in Elder Mediation
  • Characteristics of Elder Mediation

4. Role of the Geriatric Care Manager (Connie Rosenberg/Judith Parnes)

  • Understanding the Aging process
  • Assessment and Care Planning
  • Long Term Care Options
  • Family Dynamics

5. Capacity and the Need for Guardianship (Dr. Mark Pass)


6. Elder Mediation: Process (Donald Vanarelli)

  • Preparing for Mediation – Intake Interviews/Calls/Meetings
  • Obstacles to Bringing Parties to the Table
  • Strategies for Intake/Screening
  • Beginning the Mediation – Opening Statements/Case Concerns
  • Fact Gathering, Issue Identification, Brain Storming, Option Generation
  • Resolution

7. Elder Mediation: Nuances (Donald Vanarelli)

  • Ethical Issues – confidentiality, standards, self-determination
  • Role of attorneys and advocates, agreements, multiple parties, institutional parties, sources of power and balancing, techniques, caucus


8. Role Play (Theater Group/Gabrielle Strich/Benni Versaci)

  • Fact Patterns
  • Break Out Groups
  • Role Play Summaries/Critique

9. Defining Success (Connie Rosenberg/Judith Parnes)

  • Resolving disputed issues in mediation
  • Giving aging parents a voice
  • Helping families to create successful communication systems

10. Elder Law Issues in Elder Mediation (Gabrielle Strich/Donald Vanarelli)

  • Capacity and Substitute Decision-Making Arrangements
  • Search for Funding Sources: “Finances Drive the Care Plan”
  • Public Benefits Planning: Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security/SSI/VA
  • Estate and Life Care Planning: Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships
  • Undue Influence/ Elder Abuse / Financial Exploitation


11. Getting the Word Out – Elder Mediation Marketing Strategies (Jennifer Decker)

12. Wrap Up/ Questions / Comments (Speakers / Trainers)

Speakers / Trainers

Seminar Information


To register, please call Ginny Morrissey at the Law Office of Donald D. Vanarelli, 908-232-7400, or contact her online by clicking here.