I am now an Accredited Attorney under the regulations for the Department of Veterans Affairs

I am happy to report that, as of September 19, 2008, I am an accredited attorney for “the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits before the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).” The purpose of VA’s accreditation program is to ensure that claimants for VA benefits receive qualified assistance in preparing and presenting their claims. VA regulations prescribe that an accredited attorney must, at a minimum, have acquired information in the following areas: providing representation before the VA, VA claims procedures, basic eligibility for VA benefits, the right to appeal, disability compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation, and pensions. I hope that I have a continuing relationship with our nation’s veterans and the on-going privilege of representing them before the VA.

The letter from the VA informing me that I attained VA accreditation is annexed here va-accreditation

A link to the VA website can be found here U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs