Introducing The Incoming Officers Of The NJ State Bar Association Elder and Disability Law Section

I am happy to report that the owner of this weblog has been elected as the Vice-Chair of the New Jersey State Bar Elder and Disability Law Section. The slate of incoming officers of the NJSBA Elder and Disability Law Section follows:

Chair – Bob Brogan

Vice Chair & Retreat Coordinator – Don Vanarelli

Secretary – Cathy Pisciotta

Roundtables – John Callinan

Legislative Liaisons – Sue Goldring and Bill Isele

Associates and Young Lawyers Liaison – Crystal West

Congratulations to all of the incoming officers. I am sure they will provide excellent leadership for the coming year. In addition, I would like to offer sincere thanks to the outgoing Chair of the NJSBA Elder and Disability Law Section, Linda Ershow-Levenberg, Esq., for the excellent work accomplished and leadership provided during the past year.