June 15th Is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) is an organization, founded in 1997, dedicated to the global dissemination of information as part of its commitment to the world-wide prevention of the abuse of older people. INPEA’s mission is “to increase society’s ability, through international collaboration, to recognize and respond to the mistreatment of older people in whatever setting it occurs, so that the latter years of life will be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.“ The INPEA maintains a website and undertakes activities “to increase public awareness and knowledge of the issue.”

INPEA reports that more than 500,000 older adults are victims of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation each year.

The INPEA has designated June 15th as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The key objective of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is to raise awareness of elder abuse (which encompasses neglect and mal- or mistreatment) throughout the world. To raise awareness, the INPEA has adopted the following core message of the World Elder Awareness Day: Never ignore elder abuse.

The core message is comprised of a set of sub-messages:

  • Most elder abuse is hidden.
  • Ageism (age discrimination) is a major cause of elder abuse.
  • Ageism and disempowerment lead to elder abuse being hidden.
  • Empowering older persons is the most effective tool in fighting elder abuse.

To show the world that you care about ending elder abuse and neglect, the INPEA suggests that you “wear something purple” on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day every June 15th.