Law Is Far From The Worst Profession; Lawyers Rank Substantially Higher Than Nuclear Decontamination Technicians

In spite of all of the complaining that lawyers do about their jobs and clients do about their lawyers, law is far from the worst profession one can have, a recent study finds. Of 200 jobs rated by Careercast based on environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress, the 10 most desirable jobs were science- or math-oriented, including mathematician (1) actuary (2), biologist (4), software engineer (5) and accountant (10). Attorneys were ranked at 82, right below telephone installer/repairers, while stockbrokers come close behind at 84 and senior corporate executives are at 88. While not anywhere near the top, lawyers rank substantially higher than nuclear decontamination technicians (185), garbage collectors (194), butchers (196) and lumberjacks (200).