My Article on "Emerging Medicaid Eligibility Strategies" Published in the New Jersey Law Journal

Recently, a number of significant decisions have been produced by New Jersey courts and administrative agencies in cases involving appeals from denials of Medicaid eligibility. These new decisions have rendered ineffective many Medicaid planning strategies which attorneys relied upon to help elderly and disabled clients qualify for Medicaid, and highlighted promising new strategies which may be used to assist New Jersey residents and their families pay for the catastrophic costs of long-term care, either at home, in nursing homes or in other care facilities. There is increased interest among those who seek to utilize new estate planning strategies that can successfully accelerate eligibility for Medicaid benefits. As a result, I wrote an article summarizing the new cases, entitled Emerging Medicaid Eligibility Strategies. The article was published on February 16, 2009 in the Estate Planning and Elder Law Section of the New Jersey Law Journal. I hope the article will help readers understand and maybe even utilize the new Medicaid planning strategies.

My article, entitled Emerging Medicaid Eligibility Strategies, can be found here – emerging-medicaid-eligibility-strategies1