New Jersey And New York Are Among The Least Affordable States For Those Caring For Aging Parents

Some states make it harder for those caring for an aging parent, according to a new survey by  While some states were praised for providing an affordable and helpful environment for caregivers, other states ended up at the bottom of the affordability list.

“It hasn’t always been so expensive, but the cost of caring for our parents is so out of control now that it has the capacity to actually bankrupt families,” Jim Miller, a senior advocate, said in the report. “I think that’s why it’s so important to consider these costs far in advance of needing to provide care so you’re prepared instead of panicked.”

These 10 states were deemed the most expensive for caregivers by

  1. Wyoming

While the sparsely populated state is not overly expensive, the resources for seniors and care support services are limited. Because the options are few, the costs are high. A year in a nursing home will cost $85,000, which is within the national median price. Hiring a home health aide is more costly and above the national median price at over $60,000 a year.

  1. Rhode Island

Another coastal state that is pricey for seniors, Rhode Island’s costs are above the national median price for home health aides, assisted living care and nursing homes. Survey data indicated that a year in a nursing home will cost at least $100,000.

  1. New Jersey

As the most densely populated state in the country, New Jersey offers a good amount of senior support programs. However, the state is expensive for seniors and their caregivers. The cost of an assisted living facility is $24,00 more than the national median price. A home health aide option is competitive and on par with the national median price.

  1. Hawaii

The cost of a nursing home is $50,000 more a year than the national median average. While Hawaii had good access to senior support programs, hiring a home health aide will cost $10,000 more than the national median price.

  1. North Dakota

The climate and sparse population mean the affordability and availability of senior services are limited. The cost of a nursing home or assisted living for a year is well above the national median price. The best option in this state is a home health aide at around $35,000 a year.

  1. Alaska

Senior care support and services rated well, likely due to the services available in Fairbanks and Anchorage. Cost of care were high, with a stay at a nursing home over $200,000 more than the national median price. Home health aide costs for a year can run about $63,000.

  1. New York

Earning a good rank for senior support and services, the state offers numerous resources for caregivers and seniors. While the costs for a home health aide and assisted living are competitive, the median for a nursing home is well above the national average by over $40,000

  1. Delaware

For your aging parent to live in a nursing home in Delaware, expect to pay the median price of $127,750. The state ranked 28th in the survey for senior and caregiver programs and support.

  1. New Hampshire

The state ranked 44th for cost of living. Costs for a nursing home stay for a year were over $100,000, well above the national average. The state did rank well for offering accessible senior programs and caregiver resources.

  1. Maine

While the state is expensive for seniors, the availability of senior care support and services ranked 13th overall. The median cost for a home health aide was $4,500 more than the national average. Nursing home expenses were $24,00 more than the national average, according to

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