Owner of this weblog interviewed on wsRadio.com, internet radio, about elder mediation

I had my first experience with internet radio on July 1st when I was interviewed live on the Focus On Seniors Radio program on wsRadio.com, Internet Radio | Internet Talk Radio Shows, on the subject of Elder Mediation. The title of the program is “What are the benefits of elder mediation?” The program guide described my segment as follows:

Donald Vanarelli, Esq., certified elder law attorney and co-founder of the Elder Mediation Center of New Jersey, explains the circumstances that make elder law mediation a viable option for resolving disputes between family members over care, finances, independence and other issues involving elderly parents.

The entire live interview was conducted over the telephone while I was sitting in my office. Very simple. To prepare, I was interviewed a few days in advance as practice so I could experience the pace of the questions and the type of information which Frank Esposito, the host, was interested in obtaining during the interview.

Click here for a podcast of the interview.

Please have a listen and let me know what you think.