Quarantine To-Do List: Spring cleaning, Netflix Binge-Watching– and Estate Planning?

As we find ourselves spending a lot more time at home, there are many opinions about how to fill the day while maintaining a healthy balance of activities. Most recommend a mixture of productivity and what some might refer to as “self-care,” which can take many forms. It can include eating right, exercising, enjoying a bit of mindless television, tackling household projects, reading a good book, and finding time to “socialize” remotely.

But I recommend adding estate planning to your list.

For many of us, this is a necessary but easily neglected aspect of life. We all want to confront things like making a will and living will, or planning for the needs of a disabled loved one. But because formulating these plans involves necessary paperwork and time, the task can be difficult to confront—and easy to postpone–after a long and hectic workday. That’s why this could be an ideal time to consider spending a portion of your new-found availability checking this “to-do” off your list. Thanks to our firm’s flexible communication options, you can schedule telephone or video conferences, exchange necessary questionnaires and other paperwork, and finalize estate planning and other documents without ever leaving your home.

And then you can reward yourself with that binge-worthy TV show.

Remember, these stay-at-home restrictions will not be in place forever. And when things get back to normal, you can look back at this period with the peace of mind of knowing that your estate plan has been taken care of.

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