Seniors and the Disabled Get Tax Rebate Expansion From Corzine

More senior citizens and disabled homeowners now are eligible to  receive property tax rebates, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Jon S. Corzine on December 18th. 

The bill (A-3460), which was signed at the Bergen County borough’s activity center, increased the income eligibility limit for senior and disabled homeowners.

Under the bill, income eligibility limits increased to $70,000 in tax year 2008 and to $80,000 in tax year 2009, whether single or married. The limits changed from the current law which set income eligibility limits of $45,135 for singles, and a combined limit of $55,344 to $60,000 for married couples.  

There are currently 132,000 recipients of the property tax rebate. As a result of raising the income eligibie limits, it is expected that an additional 15,000 homeowners will be eligible to receive property tax rebates.