The Average Cost of Funerals, Cremations and End-of-Life Medical Care in the US

No, it’s not a topic you usually talk about. Death is not a topic most people want to discuss, but funerals, cremations, and end-of-life medical costs today are surprisingly expensive and can result in a large bill for survivors. Thanks to the researchers at Self. Inc., we have data about the average cost of dying in the U.S. If you find this topic interesting (?), you can find more detailed information on the topic of the cost of death in a report at the Self.Inc. website, at report.

Key statistics
  • The average cost of dying in the US is $19,565.80 based on the average medical costs and burial/cremation service
  • Across the US, funeral costs have risen by $1,445 (23%) since 2006, while cremations have increased by $567 (9%) since 2014.
  • Hawaii is the most expensive state for funerals ($14,478) and cremations ($12,095)
  • Oklahoma is the cheapest state for funerals ($6,046) and cremations ($5,086)
  • Mississippi is the cheapest state for end-of-life medical costs ($9,817)and is the cheapest state to die in overall, costing $15,207 for medical treatment and a cremation. 

Most expensive states for funerals

For funerals with burials, the top five most expensive states are:

  1. Hawaii ($14,478)
  2. D.C* ($11,863)
  3. New York ($11,505)
  4. California ($10,381)
  5. Massachusetts ($9,888)
Most expensive states for cremations

The top five most expensive states for cremations features the same names but in a slightly different order:

  1. Hawaii ($12,095)
  2. New York ($10,340)
  3. D.C* ($10,265)
  4. Massachusetts ($8,920)
  5. California ($8,672)
Most expensive states for end-of-life medical costs

When it comes to medical costs, the top four look familiar but the 5th state is different to burials and cremations:

  1. Hawaii ($23,073)
  2. D.C* ($18,473)
  3. New York ($17,032)
  4. California ($16,544)
  5. Oregon ($15,533)
Which states cost the least to die in? 

The cheapest states for both funerals and cremations are Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, and Mississippi. When you account for medical costs too, Mississippi is the cheapest by $10 ($15,207) followed by Oklahoma ($15,217).

From the Self. Inc. Website:

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