In case you missed any of them, here are our top 5 most popular posts from last month. The original post date, along with a short summary of the content of each post, are included after each hyperlinked title.

Federal Judge Enjoins New Jersey From Denying Medicaid Eligibility To Aged Parents Who Transferred Assets Outright To Their Blind Or Disabled Children – October 26, 2009. In which United States District Judge Anne E. Thompson enjoins the State of New Jersey from denying Medicaid eligibility to parents who transferred assets to their blind or disabled children outright and not in trust.

Federal Judge In New Jersey Appears Poised To Enjoin The State From Denying Medicaid Eligibility To An Applicant With An Annuity – October 17, 2009. On application to enjoin New Jersey from denying Medicaid eligibility to a married applicant with a spouse who purchased an annuity, United States District Judge Joel A. Pisano reserved decision on the preliminary injunction until New Jersey made a final decision either approving or denying the Medicaid application, but recognized the likelihood of plaintiff’s success on the merits of the case.

Press Release: VA Extends “Agent Orange” Benefits to More Veterans – October 14, 2009. The VA announced that a presumption of service-connection was established for Vietnam Veterans suffering from B cell leukemias; Parkinson’s disease; and ischemic heart disease based on recent evidence of an association between the illnesses and the herbicides referred to as Agent Orange.

In A First, The Supreme Court Imposes a Continuing Legal Education Requirement On New Jersey Lawyers Beginning In 2010 – October 9, 2009. 24 hours of continuing legal education every two years is mandated for all lawyers admitted to practice law in New Jersey starting in 2010.

The ABA Says That Mediation Jobs Are Growing In The Economic Downturn. I Say The Opposite Is True. What Do You Think? – September 16, 2009. Although the ABA identified mediation as a legal practice area that is thriving in these recessionary times, I expressed serious doubts about the claim.