Top Vanarelli Law Office Blog Posts: Week of March 21 – 27, 2010

In case you missed them, here are last week’s most popular articles on the Vanarelli Law Office Blog:

What Does A Court Mean When Litigants Are Ordered To “Mediate In Good Faith?” – This post discusses two recent non-NJ courts who have taken a look at what constitutes “good faith” when parties involved in a lawsuit are ordered into mediation.

Son Not Liable For Unpaid Nursing Home Bill Even Though Transfer Of Father’s Home To Son Caused Father To Be Ineligible For Medicaid – This post summarizes the Arnold Nursing Home v. Pumarejo case in which the appellate court held that a Medicaid applicant’s son was not liable for his father’s unpaid nursing home bill even though the unpaid bill resulted when the applicant / father transferred his home to the son, resulting in Medicaid ineligibility.

The Purchase Of A Private Annuity By An SSI Beneficiary Is A Permissible Spend-Down Technique – This blog post describes a strategy involving private annuities that has been utilized successfully to convert a resource countable under the SSI program into an excluded resource, and thereby maintain SSI eligibility.

200,000 Veterans Expected to File Agent Orange Claims Over Next Two Years – Veterans who served in Vietnam during the war and who have one of the illnesses covered by the “presumption of service connection” don’t have to prove “medical nexus”, or an association between their medical problems and military service.