The following notice appeared in the November 15, 2014 RAO Bulletin:

To align VA’s healthcare program with the financial assessment requirements for other federal healthcare programs, the VA has approved a process change to cease collection of veterans’ net worth information for purposes of means testing for health benefits.

Effective Jan. 1, 2015, VA will only consider a veterans’ previous year’s gross household income (earned and unearned income) and deductible expenses to determine eligibility and/or copay responsibility for purposes of VA healthcare enrollment/benefit purposes. Note: This does not impact net worth development for purposes of VHA’s Extended Care Services or VBA’s Pension Program.  

Software changes are expected to be released in second quarter FY 15. Until the software is implemented, VA intake staff will enter “zero dollars” ($0) into the net worth prompts for new applicants’ or when updating an existing enrollees’ Means Test.  

Changes to the online application and VA Forms are expected to be available by January 1, 2015. VA will be sending letters to current enrollees who may benefit from this change. Point of Contact: Ms. Benita Miller, Health Eligibility Center Director, [email protected] or (404) 828-5300.

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