A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

This is not a new guide but I think it is still one of the best. It provides a solid understanding of long-term care insurance. For years, I have provided a copy of the guide to new clients along with draft copies of estate documents. Long-term care insurance is a critical component of estate and retirement planning. The failure to plan for long-term care needs is common and the lack of long-term care insurance often has a devastating impact on the retirement life style of both spouses, both the well-spouse and the ill spouse. The guide presents current and potential users of long-term care insurance with valuable information. For those considering the purchase of long-term care insurance, buyers’ guidelines are incorporated in a consumer-friendly, easy-to-read format. The guide includes an overview of long-term care insurance, as well as payment and purchasing options, worksheets, shopping tips and the various policy and benefit plans available. The guide also contains a comprehensive contact list for every state insurance department.

The guide may be ordered from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Store, NAIC Store -Consumer Information. A PDF version of the Guide is available here: Shoppers Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance. Also, a Google search will reveal that the Shoppers Guide is available in PDF format on many sites on the Web.