High-Tech Devices Promote Aging in Place for the Elderly

Will aging baby-boomers who wish to remain at home in their later years (called “aging in place”) soon be able to do so while they are monitored remotely by their adult children who use high-tech devises to ensure the “old folks” are safe and compliant with their health care regimen? According to the NY Times, a small but growing number of adult children have installed motion sensors and remote monitoring systems in their boomer parents’ homes to keep aging relatives safe. Sensors attached to walls are able to register when aged parents get out of bed and whether they stop at the medication dispenser. The sensors also alert the children to any deviations from their boomer parents’ routine that might indicate an accident or illness. The children are updated by electronic report daily. Frightening, or comforting?

To read more, see: High-Tech Devices Keep Elderly Safe From Afar – NYTimes.com.