Pending Legislation Would Increase Fines For Failing To Report Suspected Abuse Of Older Institutionalized Adults

As reported by Jon Hurdle in a March 9, 2020 NJ Spotlight article, a pending bill would increase fines for failing to report that an institutionalized older adult is being exploited or abused. The bill, introduced February 13, 2020, would apply to,

any caretaker, social worker, physician, registered or licensed practical nurse, or other professional or staff member employed at a facility, and any representative of a managed care entity.

If one of these individuals obtains information in the course of employment that gives them cause to suspect abuse or exploitation, but fails to report it to the New Jersey Ombudsman or other designated entity, the individual would now be subject to a fine of $1,500, and the facility that employs him/her would now be subject to a fine of $5,000. The current fines are capped at $500 (for the individual) and $2,500 (for the facility that employs him or her).

The NJ Spotlight article can be found here – Cracking Down on the Non-Reporting of Suspected Elder Abuse _ NJ Spotlight

The full text of the Assembly Bill can be found here – [gview file=””]

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