Seeking Nominations For The "Top 10 New Jersey Estate and Elder Law Blogs"

A few years ago I published an article on this blog entitled the “Top 10 New Jersey Elder Law Blogs” = At about the same time, I also published a list of the “Top 10 New Jersey Mediation Blogs.” Since I was a new blogger at the time the lists were published, having started blogging only about 6 months earlier, I used Google to locate the blogs mentioned in the articles. At that time, I could find only 9 blogs in the entire State of New Jersey that discussed elder law issues. I would like to update the list of blogs this year. My sense is that there are more lawyers in New Jersey blogging about estate and elder law issues now. However, rather than simply limiting the list to those estate and elder law blogs I know of and read, this year I’d like to expand the list through nominations by readers of this blog. If anyone knows of a blog discussing New Jersey estate and elder law issues that they read and enjoy, please let me know, either by posting a comment to this article or privately via my website. Please don’t be shy; it is acceptable to nominate your own blog. Maybe we can locate and publicize some undiscovered gems. I will also be updating my list of mediation blogs, and would appreciate suggestions from readers about blogs to include in that list too.