A.D., a retired physician, began residing at Bergen Regional Medical Center (Bergen Regional), a nursing home, in October 2004. She was 80 years old at the time. She began receiving Medicaid benefits in late 2004. In 2006, the Bergen County Board of Social Services (Board) discovered two Keogh accounts at Citibank in A.D.’s name valued.. read more →

In an August 10, 2010 opinion that was approved for publication, the New Jersey Appellate Division addressed the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) and its impact on New Jersey’s Nursing Home Responsibilities and Rights of Residents Act (“Residents’ Rights Act”). Estate of Ruszala v. Brookdale Living Communities, Inc., No. A-4403-08T1 (N.J. Super. App. Div. Aug. 10,.. read more →

Heriberto Pumarejo transferred the ownership of his home to his son, Herbert Pumarejo, Jr., for one dollar. About two years later, Mr. Pumarejo became a patient at the Arnold Walter Nursing Home. Kathryn Pumarejo, Herbert’s wife and the resident’s representative, signed an agreement in which she agreed to pay all nursing home bills that were.. read more →

In what may be considered a victory of judicial deference over equity, this week our Appellate Division affirmed Medicaid’s denial of eligibility to an incapacitated applicant, based on the applicant’s ownership of assets that she was not aware she owned. In W.B. v. Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (“DMAHS”), No. A-5658-07T1 (N.J. App… read more →

(The A.N. case, described below, was decided on administrative appeal in 2007 and affirmed the denial of Medicaid benefits. I represented the Medicaid applicant, A.N. You may ask why I would resurrect an administrative decision more than 2 year old which I lost. It’s a legitimate question. The answer is that I believe the case will.. read more →

Each of us who have been forced to admit a loved one into a nursing home or care facility due to chronic long-term illness hopes and expects that he or she will receive good care there. But what does good long-term care look like? Would we recognize good care if we saw it? An interesting.. read more →

The case of Detloff v. Absecon Manor Nursing Center, Docket No. A-5941-07T2 (App. Div., August 4, 2009) arose out of the care and treatment provided to decedent while she was admitted at defendant Absecon Manor, a long-term care facility. Plaintiff, executrix of the estate of Mary Mazzei, filed a complaint alleging nursing malpractice supported by.. read more →

Here is updated information on trends in the characteristics and numbers of nursing home residents in the United States. The Division of Health Care Statistics (DHCS), the National Center for Health Statistics, has announced the internet release of Series 13, No 167 of the National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS) Overview Report for the year 2004… read more →

Over the past several years, nursing homes have become dumping grounds for young and middle-age people with mental illness, according to Associated Press interviews and an analysis of data from all 50 states. And that has proved a prescription for violence, as Jackson’s case and others across the country illustrate.  Younger, stronger residents with schizophrenia,.. read more →

This year, the Guardianship Association of New Jersey, Inc. (GANJI) held its 13th Annual Conference on Guardianship on October 30th at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, NJ. The conference was entitled “Surrogate Decision-Making: A Holistic Approach.” The Program Schedule is attached here – 13th-annual-conference-on-guardianship-10-31-08. As can be seen, there was a wide.. read more →

The word is really starting to get out about the collaborative divorce process! The October 17th edition of the Family Circle Magazine has a GREAT article on collaborative divorce entitled “The Friendly Divorce”. The article identifies four (4) benefits to couples who choose to divorce using the collaborative divorce process: Less Bitterness; Lower Expenses; Quicker Results; and, a Custom Solution… read more →

More than 91 % of U.S. nursing homes were cited last year for violating at least one federal health and safety law in each of the past three years,  the-new-york-times reported recently. During the same time period, a greater percentage of for-profit nursing homes were cited for violations than not-for-profit and government nursing homes. About.. read more →

New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law recently issued a significant ruling that may make it easier to qualify for Medicaid. In K.R. vs. Somerset County Board of Social Services, O.A.L Docket No. HMA 12343-07 (Aug. 25, 2008),  New Jersey’s Office of Administrative Law ruled that an account titled to a Medicaid applicant “or” another person.. read more →

Federal law allows nursing homes to evict residents for six reasons: they are healthy enough to return home; they require care not offered at the nursing home; they risk the health of other residents or staff; they endanger the safety of other residents or staff; they do not pay their bills; or the nursing home.. read more →

Nursing homes will get a “star rating” from the federal government to help consumers pick the best facilities. It is expected that this sweeping governmental initiative may create “peer pressure” among owners to improve care. The ratings, from a low of one star to a high of five, will be posted starting in December 2008.. read more →

A recent article in the NJ Lawyer newspaper examined the safeguards in federal and state law designed to protect elderly, infirm and disabled nursing home residents from involuntary transfers or discharges from their care facilities. According to federal law, a nursing home can discharge a resident only for the following reasons: The resident’s health has.. read more →

Hundreds of health care workers braved windswept rain outside the Statehouse recently to protest nearly $200 million in proposed cuts to hospitals and nursing homes. Many wore surgical masks that read, “These cuts make me sick.” Most of the hospital cuts proposed in Gov. Jon Corzine’s budget would come from money the state provides to.. read more →

I recently read two interesting articles and a study on the ever-increasing costs of long-term care, both in the nation and New Jersey. The articles are found in the Houston-Chronicle and the Star-Ledger, while the study, in which researchers examined data from more than 10,000 nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in-home care providers nationwide… read more →